What would it feel like to:


Have time to do things that truly fill you?

Find clarity of your Soul's purpose?

Connect to yourself with deep compassion?

Be truly and deeply heard?

Create boundaries that are clear and the confidence to speak your voice?


Connecting to our Essential Self is our birthright.  Making space for both our Essential and Social Self takes deep listening to our body’s messaging.  

Allow me to guide you to your deepest connection to YOU and to your TRUTH.  


Andrea has thoughtfully and supportively guided me to find pathways of self-care and self love.  Andrea has a way of creating a safe space (whether in person or via Skype!) that inspires reflection, digging deep and finding clarity.  
— Caitlyn

Connect back to your Essential Self...

to your innate gifts, talents, and desires in this life.

These have been with us from the moment we were born.  They make us unique!  It is the essence of who you are and connecting to it is the only way to your most fulfilling journey.

  • Does it feel like you've lost touch with the essence of who you are and the unique gifts that you were born to give to this world?

  • Are you afraid of living your life having never really touched the deepest sense of who you are?

  • Does it feel like there's something missing, but you're just not sure what, or how to access it?

You are not alone. 

From the moment we are born, we learn certain ways of being, from our families, from our communities, from our society.  We learn what is acceptable, what the “rules” are, what the “kind thing to do” is, what we “should” do.   This becomes our Social Self.  Learned behaviors and patterns that can often cover up what our Essential Self really craves.  

There is nothing wrong with our Social Self.  It has allowed us to get along in this world.

It has enabled close relationships and connections.  But when not in balance, can leave us feeling disconnected to our true selves, this Essential Self.  We can feel depleted from saying Yes when we want to be saying No, resentful at others who ask for more from us, numb from a lack of connection to what we truly want, in this moment, in our days, and in our lives.  

How do we stay in balance with our Essential Self and Social Self?

It's not easy. 

Personally, I have a tendency to say YES to every request that comes my way, especially when I get stressed.  I can hear my Social Self saying, “You must help others!”  So I kick it into high gear, saying yes everywhere I go, even as I feel the panic and then the exhaustion and then the resentment in my body!  “I’ve done it again!” I say.  I’ve completely ignored all of the messages from my Essential Self again.  


But, the more gentle and kind I am in this awareness, the quicker I can begin to connect back to find this synchronicity.

Listening and noticing is the first step.

We listen and notice and wonder with all of our senses.  When we believe that our Essential Self, our truth, is in us, we can pay attention to our body’s messaging system. 

Our body communicates with us in many ways: 

  • Changes in the muscles of your throat, shoulders, back, and neck,

  • Changes in your breath,

  • Shifts in your heart rate,

  • Goosebumps or chills, all of these, and many more

When both the Social Self and Essential Self are heard or in alignment, we make decisions based on what is truly best for us, keeping us the path towards a fulfilling life.

Are you curious about your Essential Self?

Contact me to learn about more.

Challenges will never cease to present themselves but i feel that, because of Andrea, I am learning to open not only my eyes but the very essence of my soul, and face them with a grace I didn’t know existed.
— Mariah

Coaching Packages


Three Sessions with Andrea
$100 per session



Six Sessions with Andrea
$85 per session



Nine Sessions with Andrea

$70 per session


Knowing that I had one hour with Andrea per week gave me the calm to persevere through my weeks knowing I had at least one hour to breathe, be still, and learn something new about myself. 
— Wendi