What I deeply believe:

  • Self-care is mandatory.   First and foremost.  No explaining necessary. 

  • We all want to feel heard.   Sometimes a simple, “I hear you” is just what we need to settle the nervous system and feel validated. 

  • We all want to feel deeply and authentically connected to others.  We were not meant to be doing all of this alone! 

  • We all have struggles and challenges.  When we share them with others in a safe format and listen deeply in return, we realize there are no pedestals, not for us or for others.  

  • Words are very powerful.  Choose them carefully and consciously.  I have never had a great vocabulary.  But since diving into this work, I realize that I don’t need many words, but I want the right ones! 

  • Our body holds our Truth.   Listening to its messaging is the avenue to uncovering it. 

  • Being gentle kind to ourselves is one of the best ways to move towards change.  In my experience, the harsher I am, the worse the outcome will be…every time! 

  • We all have a purpose in this life.  Call it our Soul’s Purpose, our Original Medicine, our Superpower, or our Gift.  Our lives feel empty and lost when we are not tapped into this magic.   The key is to discover it.  I spent so much of my life wondering what this was for me.  I am so grateful I continued the search and discovery! 

  • The painful parts of my past; e.g. losing loved ones, body image shaming and food challenges, motherhood struggles, adoption challenges, mistakes big and small, seem to be my most valuable guides and teachers.  I am grateful for all I have learned from them. 

My Trainings, Credentials, and Experiences:

  • B.S. in Health Promotion at University of GA 

  • Health Program Coordinator for low-income families in Chicago-land 

  • Yoga Teacher, Older Adult Exercise Instructor

  • Martha Beck Life Coach, currently preparing for Master Certification

  • Space Holder for many, many Women’s Circles


Andrea has thoughtfully and supportively guided me to find pathways of self-care and self-love.
— Caitlyn

I look forward to being with you on this journey.